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Legal Notice

This document establishes the terms of use of our Internet portal CJ LEARNING KEYS. It applies to both our course and content administrators ("CJ LEARNING KEYS") and our end users ("Visitors"). At CJ LEARNING KEYS, we are committed to transparency, which includes providing terms of use that are understandable and written in plain language. Since this document represents our agreement with you regarding our website service, please take the time to read this document.


Accommodation is hosted on WIX.


The subscription to promotions and courses is hosted and managed through the American company WIX (this is especially important if you are within the European Union). You have all the details of the processing of personal data in its Privacy Policy.



Browsing this website implies the acceptance of all the legal terms established in this legal notice, to do so, it is only necessary to accept the cookies policy, which entails an acceptance linked to these terms. If you do not agree with this legal notice, please do not use the Internet portal, or in any case, state the reasons for your disagreement at


Purpose of this Internet portal


CJ LEARNING KEYS is made up of several pages designed for informational purposes, such as access to courses, tutorials, advice and the podcast channel. In this Internet portal, CJ LEARNING KEYS develops Information, Courses, Consulting, Tutorials, Interviews, Sales, Organization and Productivity. Accessing the Internet portal does not require any password, it is open access. However, the subscription to the courses entails data processing purposes.



Exercise of rights


When you contract a service on this Internet portal through CJ LEARNING KEYS, a professional relationship is created, by which you may receive communications about news, commercial, and/or promotional offers. However, you can always request at to access your email, name and other data managed by CJ LEARNING KEYS, update/correct your erroneous data and request the deletion of said communications or data that you consider unnecessary to stock.


Storage and retention of personal information


  CJ LEARNING KEYS mainly stores the personal information obtained in the subscription when contracting the services of its Authorship. Direct storage is done in conventional and secure media, and that information is treated confidentially, so CJ LEARNING KEYS does not transfer it to any other third party. You have all the details on the management and conservation of personal data in the privacy and cookies policy.


no responsibility


  CJ LEARNING KEYS cannot be responsible for the destination information of the links to other content or the links included in the search or purchase tools of this Internet portal, because it has no actual knowledge that the activity or information to which that refers or recommends is no longer legal, CJ LEARNING KEYS always acts in good faith, but it is humanly impossible to verify links moment by moment and day by day, in any case, if you notice that said content is illegal, please send an email email to, so that CJ LEARNING KEYS can delete or disable the corresponding link, this will be the procedure in case of direct detection by CJ LEARNING KEYS.


safety information


CJ LEARNING KEYS has ensured that the data and information it stores are protected under security and protection measures, this, by installing technical instruments at its disposal to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access or theft of personal data. However, in case of cyber attacks (hacks), CJ LEARNING KEYS will not be responsible for damages of any nature for the use of this site. In any case, you have been informed  of the various companies that have been contracted to process data from this Internet portal. CJ LEARNING KEYS has a basic action protocol appropriate to its database. Consider that CJ LEARNING KEYS is a sole proprietorship, and precisely the action reaches as far as human possibility.


In the development of its services, CJ LEARNING KEYS has sought the use of password managers and has limited the use of its equipment to what is necessary with the help of a VPN service to keep the managed information safe.

Technical difficulties may appear in the programs that create and manage the pins in the account management service, such as Canva. In such cases, Plusfulness will commit to using safe alternatives until the affected services are restored.


Intellectual property


©CJ Learning Keys, Orlando, USA, 2020.




All rights are reserved to the Author.


For more information, contact


CJ LEARNING KEYS is the sole Author of the texts of this Internet portal, the forms of the different services, names of the services, Brands, emails, infographics, podcasts, videos, models, and design. Other Author works originated under its Administration at They are all protected by national and international Intellectual Property laws, so that any unauthorized use may violate such laws.


CJ LEARNING KEYS DOES NOT authorize the reproduction, exhibition, or modification (either total or partial) of any content of its Authorship, nor does it endorse derivative works (for example, gifs or montages), likewise it DOES NOT authorize the distribution or sale of any of they.


When you hire a CJ LEARNING KEYS course, you are granted access to the development of its structured work process and its own "know-how" both the structure and the "know-how" of CJ LEARNING KEYS are developed under a confidential clause. That means that you will not be able to create the same knowledge as CJ LEARNING KEYS, nor will you be able to share with anyone else the form and structure that it has to develop its services; be sure to receive the same confidentiality throughout the management of the contracted service.


All improvements, modifications, ideas, and additions you notice about any content and/or service of CJ LEARNING KEYS, as well as all works derived from them, are the property of CJ LEARNING KEYS.


From this moment, you agree to communicate solely and exclusively to CJ LEARNING KEYS all the discoveries you make about its contents, services, and/or products (physical and/or digital) included in and any that derive from its associated brands (CJ LEARNING KEYS). To do this, you can email with the subject IMPROVEMENT PROPOSAL and develop your proposal. With this, you not only comply with the law but also help to improve the quality of services/products for your own experience.


CJ LEARNING KEYS does not guarantee. In any way, any right over any patent, trademark rights, or confidential information concerning the commercial or bibliographical references included in the products and services as part of CJ LEARNING KEYS, in any case, has made an interpretation and an exhaustive compilation of information, which is duly referenced within the related product or service, when the Authors themselves have imposed said obligation.


The publications contained in this Internet portal: posts, descriptions, writing of all the texts included in this Internet portal and blog, audios, interviews, infographics, checklist, ebook, surveys, forms, and tests are creations of CJ LEARNING KEYS, she is the legal and sole Author, all are protected by national laws and International Intellectual Property Treaties if you wish to use any original creation contained in this Internet portal for commercial purposes, write an email to cj.learning.keys@gmail. com.


Given the reasonable and legal use, which includes being inspired by the content of our Internet portal or any of our digital media, you must CITE CJ LEARNING KEYS as follows:


CJ LEARNING KEYS, [post title], [year of publication]


The omission of citation and the unauthorized commercial use may lead to the establishment of the corresponding claim (judicial and/or extrajudicial). The Author reserves all her rights in this regard.


To reproduce or distribute (in whole or part) any creation of CJ LEARNING KEYS, you can request an authorization and/or LICENSE by directing your request to


The Brand and logo are for the exclusive use of CJ LEARNING KEYS. Therefore, the use of this Brand, its logo and design, as well as any part involving the image and Intellectual Property of CJ LEARNING KEYS, for any purpose, without the prior written authorization of CJ LEARNING KEYS is prohibited.

If you are interested in obtaining a license from the Author, email with the subject LICENSE REQUEST and specify your proposal. You are ultimately responsible for using and managing the information that the Author displays on your website. CJ LEARNING KEYS reserves all the rights of image, Author, and Intellectual Property that correspond to it concerning all its contents, services, and products, as well as those that are directly or indirectly linked to it.

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