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Hi! I’m Ms. Juncal and this is my virtual classroom

I’ve created this website to help you to keep up with routines, activities, and bilingual learning programs at anytime and from anywhere. The goal is to practice your reading, writing and math skills in a daily basis and in a creative way.

A Little more about me!

I am mother, teacher, and passionate about learning.

I have been a teacher for over twenty years in my native country, Venezuela. My experience includes teaching different grade levels and subjects. I have advanced oral and written communication skills in English and Spanish and extensive knowledge in SIOP planning, positive classroom management strategies, ELL approaches, and inquisitive curriculum.


My work as a teacher for over two decades confirms my interest and dedication to working with a diverse community in a friendly and professional way to help my students become productive citizens. This experience has helped me develop solid skills to evaluate, reflect and seek solutions to generate more effective learning situations adapted to the needs of my students through research and teamwork.


Throughout my career, I have edited and designed various types of educational resources to complement my students' learning by using technological tools such as Microsoft Office, Google Drive, PowerPoint, Excel, WIX, Prezi, and Google Classroom.


I have extensive experience making presentations for large audiences, as well as individual meetings with parents, teachers and other specialists related to the educational field.


In September 2016, I moved from Venezuela with my husband and my two loving children to the United States to improve my English skills and develop my career opportunities. That decision opened many doors, such as studying a Master of Arts in Teaching with an emphasis on reading and ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages).

Currently, I am using online learning platforms to share my knowledge with you and create resources that can help parents, students and teachers to develop their learning skills in both English and Spanish.

Welcome to my website and thank you for your support!

My Mission

Support parents, students, and teachers to discover the keys to bilingual learning through activities, videos, tutorials, tips, tools, readings, and other resources.

My Mission
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My Vision

To be a distance learning platform that responds to individual and group educational needs to generate positive changes in society

My Vision
Raising Hands
My Objectives
  1. Create bilingual online content adapted to the interests and needs of the audience

  2. Inform about up-to-date research related to effective bilingual learning processes.

  3. Facilitate reading, writing, and mathematical logical reasoning learning experiences in both English and Spanish

My Objectives
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